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Canon TS-E 24mm F3.5 L II のレビュー記事


最近ミニチュア風の写真やそれを微速度撮影した作品が矢張っていますが、デジタル一眼レフカメラに比較的軽量で搭載出来、広角でのティルト&シフト撮影を可能になる、キヤノンのTS-E 24mmレンズがIIとなりレンズ設計が刷新されましたが、早速レビュー記事がDPreviewにアップされています

PMA 2009 was a show distinctly light on noteworthy announcements, but one of the most technically interesting developments may well have slipped under the radar of many enthusiast photographers. Canon introduced two new perspective control lenses to its TS-E (‘Tilt and Shift for EOS’) range, in the shape of the TS-E 24mm F3.5 L II and the TS-E 17mm F4L. But while the latter quite naturally grabbed the limelight as the widest-angle perspective control optic ever made for an SLR system, both feature a significant improvement over existing mainstream designs.


【週末特価!】【当店ポイント2倍】キヤノン TS-E24mm F3.5L II【税込】 TS-E2435L2 [TSE2435L…

キヤノン TS-E24mm F3.5L II【送料無料】



Optically the lens is, on the whole, superb – indeed our tests show it to be possibly the best 24mm Canon has yet produced, certainly superior to the EF 16-35mm F2.8 L II (which isn’t at all bad at 24mm), and on balance arguably better even than the EF 24mm F1.4L II due to its lower chromatic aberration. In the centred (i.e. unshifted) position it’s exceptionally sharp wide open at F3.5, and there’s effectively no distortion or chromatic aberration. Move to the extremes of shift, and those latter two highly desirable characteristics remain – if your specialty is architectural photography, this lens will draw straight lines pretty well perfectly no matter what position it’s in, and color fringing will be very low even in the corners of the frame.

また、こちらも新設計の広角ズームレンズEF 16-35mm F2.8 L II はおろか、EF 24mm F1.4L II よりも光学性能が優れているという脅威の性能とのことで、DPreviewとしては、あおり撮影の性能もさることながら、抜群の高学性能にも言及されています。



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